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Armored Military Vehicles & Equipment


The US government is by far the largest buyer of armored vehicles, but manufacturers also export to nations allied with US interests. In export markets, US companies can face strong competition from manufacturers in the UK, Germany, and France. We serve this niche industry with the careful detail and security precautions required.




Distributors generally act as intermediaries in the ordering and delivery of pharmaceuticals and related products obtained from manufacturers. This segment requires special handling and compliance of many unique guidelines. Our business is prepared and experienced to support this industry with our reliable network.


Shoes & Apparel


The US apparel manufacturing industry has shrunk in recent years, as clothing companies have either moved plants offshore or outsourced production to foreign manufacturers. For many years, we have worked closely with manufacturers in emerging countries to meet the US demand.


Medical Equipment & Supply Wholesalers


Domestic demand for US medical instruments and supplies, an indicator for wholesalers, is forecast to grow at an annual compounded rate of 5 percent between 2013 and 2017. analysis. Our staff understands the distinct needs and demands of this industry to meet delivery requirements.


Automotive Parts & Accessories


The global automotive industry is expected to grow over the next several years due partly to economic expansion in emerging markets. We handle deliveries of automobiles, parts, supplies, batteries, and all types of electronic equipment for this sector. Inventory can vary extensively for this segment, and we rely on our technology and strategic resources to meet consumer demand.


Construction Machinery & Equipment


The end of the late 2000s recession signaled the beginning of the industry's return to economic health after the worst manufacturing downturn in over 50 years. Although economic indicators may continue to lag, growth is beginning to pick up. We are prepared to support this industry with our transportation & logistics services.


Electronic Equipment


Rapid advances in technology have created numerous product standards in the consumer electronics industry, and forced companies to cater to multiple markets while adapting their long-term strategy to changing market conditions. Our team is capable of handling this kind of product to meet the ever-changing demands of this sector around the world.

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