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Ground Transportation Services


We pride ourselves on being responsive to clients. We don’t limit you to one way of doing things. We give you a great selection of options and we advise you on selecting the custom services that fit your needs best.


  • Reduced cycle time
  • More logistics options
  • Maximum supply chain efficiency
  • Lower overall product costs
  • Improved inventory control
  • Greater logistics flexibility
  • Superior customer satisfaction


Distribution Services


Once you book your shipment with Logistics USA, we are responsible for your consignment. Our passion for continuous improvement means you will always have the best technology, the most efficient network and peace of mind.


  • Cross Dock
  • In-Transit Assembly
  • Light Assembly
  • Domestic Transportation
  • Merge in Transit
  • Pick and Pack
  • Product Postponement
  • Product Rework
  • Remote Spare Parts Distribution
  • Returns Program
  • Retail Distribution

Your business demands that we take you seriously everytime.

We’ll ensure consistency drives our mutual success.