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President’s Message


There are many expressions that speak to the importance of adequate planning, and the devastating effects that can occur when one does not plan carefully.


Earlier in my career, working for another freight forwarder, I had the experience of seeing the impact of inadequate planning. As a result, a shipment of zippers from New York enroute to Sri Lanka got held up in Germany for two weeks. The delay caused major problems and losses for the client. It made an impression on me that I will never forget.


At Logistics USA, we emphasize the details. We have made a commitment to be the reliable solution to your logistics needs. We will make a careful study of the complete supply chain for every shipment. In this way, we stay in control of every aspect of the supply chain through to the arrival at the final destination. Sure, it takes more time and effort to be this proactive, but it avoids problems like that of the shipment of zippers.


Every employee here shares this commitment to be your reliable solution. It means we can deliver on our vision: getting your goods to their final destinations by the fastest, most efficient means possible. It’s a strategic advantage that you can count on when you partner with Logistics USA.


If this is what you want from your logistics company, contact us today! Get the Logistics USA advantage for your company.


Best Regards,


Timothy Chu

Your business demands that we take you seriously everytime.

We’ll ensure consistency drives our mutual success.